Annual Maintenance

At SKJ, we understand that building excellence is just the first step. That's why we created a dedicated Annual Maintenance department focused on providing exceptional ongoing support to our valued clients.

Your Long-Term Partner

Our Annual Maintenance team fosters long-term, strategic relationships by offering a comprehensive solution: building, maintaining, and operating your projects. This commitment comes from actively listening to and learning from our clients, subcontractors, and industry leaders.

Expert Support

We equip our team with the latest technology and systems, including SCADA and Building Management Systems (BMS). This ensures the most efficient operation for various facilities, from chiller plants and sewage treatment centers to high-rise buildings.

Benefits of SKJ's Annual Maintenance Services:

Seamless Transition: Enjoy a smooth handover from construction to ongoing maintenance.

Enhanced Efficiency: Our expertise optimizes building performance and minimizes operational costs.

Peace of Mind: Benefit from proactive maintenance, preventing costly repairs down the line.

Annual Maintenance Contracts: Simplify facility management with our comprehensive annual plans.

Invest in Your Project's Future

Contact SKJ today to discuss how our O&M services can ensure the long-term success of your project.


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